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 The Home for Christmas Parade

WHEN: Starting at 3:00pm

WHERE: Downtown Kings Mountain


Bundle up and bring the family to Cleveland County's premiere Christmas Parade!  Line up along the parade route in Downtown Kings Mountain to celebrate the holidays in a way you'll never forget.  Featuring larger-than-life inflatables, local floats, bands, and even Santa Claus himself, visitng all the way from the North Pole!


 The Winter Wonderland Festival

WHEN: Immediately Following Parade

WHERE: Patriots Park


When the parade is over, it is time for the fun to begin!  Patriots Park will host the Winter Wonderland Festival, where you can enjoy inflatable attractions and games, food trucks, and performances.

 Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

WHEN: 5:30pm

WHERE: The Liberty Falls Amphitheater at The Winter Wonderland Festival


The Grinch is coming to our festival to steal Christmas!  Don’t miss this chance to meet him in person (and his dog, Max) as they bring Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas to life in their own special, silly way.  Make sure to stick around after this fun, family program for photos and silliness during our exclusive Meet-and-Greet.  We promise your heart will grow three sizes!


 Santa's Big Welcome Party

WHEN: 6:30pm

WHERE: The Gazebo Stage at The Winter Wonderland Festival


Mayor Scott Neisler will read the classic story Twas the Night Before Christmas and will pass the spotlight over to the Big Man himself, arriving atop a blazing red fire engine!  Santa will then hold court and meet with children of all ages, listening to Christmas wishes and posing for free photos on the Gazebo stage!


 Light Up The City

WHEN: 6:00pm

WHERE: The Winter Wonderland Festival


Kings Mountain is known for it's syncronized downtown light show that is orchestrated to radio broadcasted music.  We'll flip the switch and turn downtown into a Winter Wonderland.

 Snow Celebration

WHEN: 6:30pm

WHERE: The Liberty Falls Amphitheater at The Winter Wonderland Festival


As a big finale to the Grinch's stage show, snow will fall from the sky at the Liberty Falls Amphitheater!  Make sure to help the Grinch's heart grow three sizes so Kings Mountain can have a white christmas!  




Are you or your group interested in performing at the Winter Wonderland Festival following the parade?  

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